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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why can't I post in the contest?

You need to be logged in with either FB or Gmail before you can post. Click the three lines at the top right to sign up or login 🙏

2) Why was my contest entry deleted?

To create a better viewing experience for the contestants and judges, please do not add additional explanatory text with your entry. If you want to add more information, please comment on your own submission after posting it. Thanks 🙏

3) How come I never win?
We appreciate everyone that joins our contests. The reason we do this is to create unique prompts to help artists practice and grow. Unfortunately, with hundreds of entries, it's not so easy to win. Each judge also has a different style, so its best to just make things you are proud of. We hope the process of making art and sharing with other artists is the real reward. When you do win, it will feel so great! ❤️

4) Can I get a shoutout?

Unfortunately, we have so many users that we are unable to grant these requests. The best thing you can do is make your username here the same as your IG, so people that see your entries can follow you easier. 😊  

Something else? Let us know below.

Thanks for submitting!

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