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SFX Body Paint with Myrthe Heydenrijk

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

There are certain moments where you come across an artform that you didn’t know existed, and you're instantly enamored. I was lucky enough to have a small role in an action movie, where I spent four hours a day in a makeup chair. Experiencing the amount of work that goes into this art, I wanted to look up #sfxmakeup online, and I was blown away. I had no idea this community even existed, let alone what amazing work was being done. Part of the attraction for me is that, aside from photos, these creations only exist for a few hours before being destroyed. There's a beauty in temporal art, especially when it is not desperately clung to, but instead brutally ripped to smithereens after a short existence.

As I scrolled through Instagram and added lots of images to my favorites, I quickly realized most of them came from the same person, @myrthe_mua. Her style was so versatile, profound, and most importantly, fun! I reached out to Myrthe to learn more about her craft, and just like with her artistry, there was playfulness in her demeanor.

Myrthe is a special FX makeup artist from Wellington, New Zealand. She was born with a brush in her hand, with her mother having her own company, BODYFX. She and her sister both learned from their mother, so it’s always been a big part of her life. As a young girl, she has fond memories of painting the faces of her classmates in kindergarten. It wasn’t until she became a teenager that she really started to hone her craft and began practicing every day.

Myrthe says she gets most of her inspiration from nature, as she loves foraging and hiking outdoors. “New Zealand has so much amazing and inspiring natural beauty!” However, she also explores her dark and spooky side, drawing from gothic art and architecture.

The lulls in inspiration are one of the hardest parts about being an artist she feels, and dealing with the multifaceted aspects of creativity.

"You need to practice your strokes to train your muscle memory, but also, get out of your comfort zone and be spontaneous. Finding the balance between the two is how you will improve and grow."

Though Myrthe is very accomplished, competing on the television show “Glow Up” New Zealand and even presented her makeup creations to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, she is very down to earth. She doesn’t measure her success by only gaining notoriety and prestigious projects, but just continuing to do what she loves. Aside from practicing frequently and giving it your all, her one piece of advice is,

“Don't let others tell you to tone it down. Stay true to your art!

If you want to see more of Myrthe’s creations or get in contact with her, please follow her on Instagram at @myrthe_mua, Tiktok @bodyfxnz, or by email

Written by: Mike Wietecha

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